How to buy Water Purifier Guide

How good is RO water purifier

In my opinion, RO is the best type of water purifier to buy in India for home use. Sure, there are some disadvantages for RO water purifiers, but the benefit of being sure that your drinking water is pure and safe, far outweighs any of the minor disadvantages of RO water purifiers, like wasting a little water, using a little electricity, and so on.

Are there any Health issues with RO water purifiers like no minerals

There is no truth in the rumors spread that RO water is not good for health because it has no minerals and therefore it will dissolve your bones, etc. Social media is full of scammers who publish rubbish because they get a sadistic pleasure of scaring people. Don't fall for these senseless made up stories. In my house I have been using RO water purifier for at least the last 25 years and I am an expert in water purifiers, having worked in the water purification industry for 40 years - see my About-me page.

Is RO water safe to drink

Yes, RO water is very safe to drink. We have a dedicated page discussing about the safety of drinking RO water purifier. Please visit our page about why RO water is healthy and safe to drink regularly.

Cons or problems with RO water purifiers

Now let me tell you what the real problems or Cons are with RO water purifiers. The 4 real problems with RO water purifiers are that:

  1. It requires electricity to work
  2. Some water is wasted
  3. It is more expensive to buy
  4. RO AMC or Annual Maintenance Cost is high

Let me give clarifications about these problems before I outline the great advantages of RO water purifiers.

1. RO requires Electricity to work

RO requires electricity to work because to purify the water, RO needs very high pressure to pass water through an RO membrane with holes so fine that it can filter out molecules of dissolved salts from water. These molecules can range from the good Calcium to the poisonous Arsenic. Atomic Molecules are thousands of times smaller than the smallest bacteria or virus. So the water that comes out of an RO Membrane is pure, with no dissolved salts and no bacteria or any sort of virus. The amount of Electricity used by an RO would be about the same as a 40 watt electric bulb working for 2 hours daily. To produce 20 liters of pure water, assuming 20 liters as the out put of the domestic RO water purifier per day, an average RO water purifier needs to work only 2 hours. The standard domestic RO membrane can produce about 12 liters per hour. RO water purifier works only for short periods at a time. When you take some water out of a full RO purifier storage tank, it works just enough time to fill the tank. That works out to about 1 unit of electricity every 12 days = 2.5 Units of electricity every month = about Rs.10 monthly assuming Electricity cost at Rs.4- per unit.

2. RO wastes some water

In an RO water purifier not all water passes through the RO membrane, only about 50% of the water passes through the RO membrane as pure water and the other 50% water carries with it all the filtered out salts, dirt, viruses and bacteria. This rejected water of the RO is drained out to the drain. The quantity of this wasted water is approximately the same as the amount of pure water produced by the RO. So if the RO purifier produces 20 Liters of pure water it will waste in the drain approximately 20 Liters of water - about 2 buckets full, approximately the volume of water used when you flush the toilet 2 or 3 times. If it is essential that no water is wasted, then it is very easy to collect the reject water from an RO water purifier in a bucket, for example, and use it to water plants, wash floors, etc.

3. RO is more expensive than other water purifiers

This is part of life. You want the best, you have to pay for it.

4. High AMC or Annual Maintenance Cost of RO water Purifiers

RO requires an AMC or Annual Maintenance Cost because it is important that an RO is maintained in top condition always. The consumables in an RO water purifier is more, because there are extra purification cartridges in an RO water purifiers which have to be changed at regular intervals. AMC costs of RO water purifiers on an average works out to about Rs. 3000 per year. The AMC of RO is discussed more fully on our page about AMC

Pros or Benefits of RO water purifiers

The biggest advantage of an RO water purifier is that you can drink RO water with closed eyes, confident of the fact that you are drinking pure water. More dangerous than any germ, bacteria or virus in water is if the water contains poison chemicals like Arsenic.

Arsenic and other poisonous heavy metal chemicals in drinking water slowly poison you, because our liver and kidneys cannot get rid of it, and so these poisonous chemicals build up in our body (Bio-accumulate) and when symptoms appear, it is usually too late for treatment. Heavy metal poisoning causes deformities, stunted growth and early death. Heavy metals in water, especially Arsenic in water, is known to occur in several parts of India. Heavy metal poisoning can also occur from leaching of heavy metals from water pipes, water tanks, etc.

The best protection against heavy metal poisoning is to have an RO water purifier. RO water purifier removes everything from water, all germs and viruses and also dissolved chemicals. For More please visit our page on Heavy Metal Poisons

Best way to buy Water Purifiers in India

The best way to buy Water Purifiers in India is to first look at all models of Water Purifiers available online at the leading online Retailers in India. For example on the online webpage of All Water Purifiers available in India on, you will find the full range of Indian Water Purifiers complete with their best discounted price and full specifications. This is great information, and you can decide on which model of water purifier to buy. With the model of water purifier you want to buy finalised, you can go to local shops to try and find the model of water purifier you have chosen and see if you can get at similar price of that at In most cases the price from Amazon will be cheaper, because they buy in bulk from the manufacturers direct and they sell huge volumes because they are the world's largest and most trusted online retailer. If you buy from Amazon, they will arrange to have the water purifier installed in your house, usually free of charge.

Warranty and other facilities offered through Amazon are usually better than what you can get from local agents of water purifiers.

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