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Chlorine in water side effects

Chlorine has been used for the last 100 years and no problems with chlorine in water was reported until recently. The use of chlorine during the last century has saved millions of lives by preventing water borne diseases like Cholera, typhoid, jaundice, etc. Life Magazine credited the use of Chlorine in drinking water as "probably the most significant public health advance of the millennium."

Recently scientists have reported some Chlorine in water side effects. The harmful side effects of chlorine in drinking water is not from the Chlorine, but the reaction products of chlorine with some chemicals in the water to form Chlorine by-products like Chloroform, Trimethohalanes (TMHs), Haloacetic Acids (HAA). In 1974 the Chlorine by-product of water disinfection, Trihalomethanes (THMs) was linked to Cancer after several studies on animals.

The testing on animals with Chlorine by-product Trihalomethanes (THM) were done with high dosages which showed that it caused severe problems like cancer. Humans would never be subjected to such high doses from their chlorinated drinking water, but it demonstrated the danger of chlorine water, that Chlorination by-products in water could cause severe health problems like cancer, reproductive and growth problems like in the laboratory animals.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency of USA) has this to say regarding the health problems with chlorine in water: "the agency cannot conclude there is a causal link between exposure to chlorinated water and cancer, these studies have suggested an association, albeit small, between bladder, rectal, and colon cancer and exposure to chlorinated surface water......"

It is doubtful that there could be a relation between Chlorine water and Cancer at the low doses that comes from our tap waters. But it is always better to be safe than sorry and take some precautions regarding Chlorine in drinking water. How to remove Chlorine in drinking water? One of the best methods is to fix an activated carbon filter jsut before the tap from where our drinking water is taken. An RO water purifier will get rid of not only chlorine but also other toxic chemicals that may be present in water.

To further complicate the issue of the safety of chlorinated water, scientists recently discovered that Chlorine can be absorbed through the skin, for example while bathing in Chlorinated water. Absorption of Chlorine through the skin and breathing-in Chlorine fumes while having a bath was found to be more dangerous than drinking chlorinated water.

How to prevent hair fall due to chlorinated water, Can Chlorine water cause dry skin and allergy?

Chlorine in water is not good for hair. The Effects of chlorine water on hair includes hair damage, hair loss and premature greying of hair. Chlorine is a bleaching agent and also a de-oiling agent. So when our hair and skin comes in contact with chlorine water, it removes the natural oils which are there to protect our skin and hair causing dry skin, hair problems and allergies. Thus regular bathing in chlorinated water can lead to problems like dandruff and dried out stiff hair. Being a bleaching agent, chlorine also removes the color of hair by neutralising the melanin pigments in hair which gives hair their colour. Thus bathing in Chlorine water regularly could lead to premature greying of hair and may be become bald due to hair fall or hair loss with chlorine water.

How to remove chlorine from bath water

The best way to remove chlorine in water is by filtering the chlorine from water with an Activated Carbon filter. Activated carbon shower filter heads gets rid of chlorine in water and are widely available. Other types of shower heads available to avoid the problems of chlorine in bathing water are KDF shower filters and Vitamin C shower filters. Adding Baking Soda or Wasing Soda in small quantities to water as explained below can be used to neutralizes chlorine in water.

Chlorine in water and the by-products of chlorine in water can all be easily neutralised by adding Bicarbonate of Soda or Baking Soda (chemical name Sodium Bicarbonate) to the bath water. If baking soda is a hard to get, then even washing soda which is used in laundry will do. Washing soda is Sodium Carbonate and it will also neutralise Chlorine. Half a teaspoon of Baking Soda or Washing Soda to a 10 to 15 liter bucket of water should do the trick. Make sure the baking or washing soda is added right from the start of filling the bucket. Vitamin C tablets of one gram or 1000mg will also get rid of chlorine and its by-products from a 10 to 15 liter bucket of water.

Swimming pool chlorine effects on skin, Danger of taking bath in Chlorine water

Scientists at the Municipal Institute of Medical Research in Barcelona, Spain found that the chemical by-product THM formed in chlorinated water, can be absorbed through the skin when we have a bath or shower in Chlorinated water. These researchers on questioning and comparing results from 1,200 people with cancer of the bladder with a similar group of healthy people, concluded that Inhaling or absorbing THMs in water leads to a higher concentration of THM in their kidneys, bladder and colon, and these people had 83% more chance of getting cancer than those living in low chlorinated water areas.

What these scientists are saying is that swimming pool chlorine effects on skin could be more dangerous than drinking chlorinated water. The same danger is there in taking a bath in chlorine water. This is because while having a bath Chlorine gas, released from the bath water, especially hot water, are being inhaled. Chlorine is also being absorbed by the skin while swimming in chlorinated water. Absorbtion of chlorine through the skin and breath is more dangerous than drinking chlorine water, because it goes directly into our blood stream without being filtered by our liver. When we drink chlorinated water the chlorine first goes through our digestive system and gets cleaned by our liver.

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