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How to get rid of bacteria in water

Problems with bacteria and germs in water is that it can make you sick and cause serious illnesses. One of the first signs of drinking water contaminated with bacteria germs are loose motion, stomach upset and stomach pain. Some of the diseases caused by water pollution are typhoid fever, dysentery, cholera, gastroenteritis. Fortunately it is easy to get rid of bacteria and germs in water by disinfection with Chlorine. After Chlorine became widely used as a disinfectant for public water supplies from early 1900s, Cholera and Typhoid outbreaks, which were very common epidemics before the introduction of Chlorine disinfection, has disappeared from the world.

The bacteria and germs in water include all microorganisms or microbial contamination organisms like bacteria, virus, parasites, protozoa, cysts, algae, pathogens, or any other disease causing microbe. Microorganisms or microbes are minute living things which can be present in the water, especially in water from wells and surface waters. These types of bacteria in water are also referred to as Biological contamination of water.

Now new problems like outbreaks of coliform bacteria, giardiasis, cryptosporidiosis, and hepatitis A (1,2,3) in water is what is worrying the water distribution authorities. Recently a new type of very minute one celled parasite known as Cryptosporidium of the protozoa family has been identified in water as being the cause of several outbreaks of gastroenteritis.

The microbial cysts (oocysts) or eggs of Cryptosporidium parasite of the protozoa family is known as 'Cryptosporidium oocysts'. It is the Cryptosporidium oocysts or eggs in water that spreads the parasite. The Cryptosporidium parasite itself in water is killed by Chlorine and other disinfectants but the Cryptosporidium eggs or Cysts or Oocysts are very resistant to many chemical disinfectants, including chlorine.

UV inactivates the cysts and prevents its multiplication and spreading. These Cryptosporidium Cysts are so small that it can only be certain to be filtered out by Ultrafiltration and RO membrane filters. UV is effective in deactivating it, provided sufficient UV radiation falls on it. In US and Europe, Municipal water treatment facilities are installing high power UV treatment systems to make sure that their drinking water facilities are capable to remove the threat of Cryptosporidium Cysts.

What causes Delhi Belly and how to prevent it

In countries like India, local people become immune to the bacteria or virus in their water that they have been living with all their life, but when foreigners drink this water, they get sick with loose motion commonly referred to as Delhi Belly. Tourists to India, who have been accustomed to very sterile water all the time, gets the Delhi Belly Sickness once they are in India.

There is no point in being ultra careful of not getting the Delhi Belly by drinking only bottled water. The Delhi Belly may not be caused just by drinking water, the Delhi Belly Virus or Bacteria may be floating around in the air and those with no immunity to Delhi Belly just cannot avoid getting the Delhi Belly. The good thing about Delhi Belly is that it is easily curable and disappears by itself without any medicines after a day or two at the most. Once they have got over their initial bout of Delhi Belly sickness they become immune to further attacks of Delhi Belly.

Is boiling water the best way to purify water?

It is good to boil water for drinking and one of the best way of killing all germs, bacteria, viruses and parasites in water. It should be noted that boiling of water will kill all germs but dissolved solids like heavy metals are not removed. Other methods of killing germs in water are by adding disinfecting agents like bleach, chlorine tablets or powder, but it will leave a bad taste in case of drinking water. .....More on disinfecting water

How to tell if there is bacteria in water

How to tell or know if there is bacteria in water is to have it tested, either with home test kits or from water samples given to a lab for testing. There are many types of bacteria in water, but in the usual test for bacteria in water, only one group of bacteria known as Coliform or Escherichia coli or e-coli is tested for, because it is the most common species, and the first microorganism to contaminate water.

It is important to check if your drinking water is free from bacterial contamination. Test for bacterial contamination of water should be done regularly, more than the regular once year complete analysis of your water. This is because water can get contaminated by microorganisms very easily, even a strong wind, a bird excreting in flight, or a crawling insect which dies in your covered tank or well, can deposit dangerous microbes. The only way to know if drinking water is safe from bacterial contamination is by testing it for coliform bacteria, which is the most common of all microbes and the first family of microbes to infest water. It is very easy to test for coliform bacteria as explained below

What is coliform bacteria in water

Coliform bacteria are one of the most common bacteria which is found almost everywhere. Coliforms are a type or family of bacteria that includes many varieties, such as Escherichia Coli or commonly known as E. Coli. Most of the E.Coli or Coliform bacteria are harmless to human beings, and it is very rare for E.Coli bacteria to cause sickness, especially since most people have immunity to their local variety of E.Coli.

Since Coliform family of bacteria are so common and since they will be the first ones to contaminate water, 'Total Coliforms' is the standard method to measure microbial contamination in water. If Coliforms are found in large numbers in the water, then it is a sign that the water is biologically contaminated. High Total Coliforms indicates presence of other bacteria and water must be disinfected. Thus Coliforms is an indicator for the presence of other bacteria and thus of the water being contaminated.

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