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What does pH level of water mean

The meaning of pH is that it is a value that determines if a substance is acid, neutral or basic, calculated from the number of hydrogen ions present. The initials pH stands for "Potential of Hydrogen". It is measured on a scale from 0 to 14, on which 7 means the substance is neutral. pH values below 7 indicate that the substance is acidic and pH values above 7 indicate that it is basic or alkaline.

pH values of common items

Pure water has a pH of 7 which means that it is neutral. Carbon Dioxide when it dissolves in water produces an acid and lowers the pH, like in fizzy drinks. The allowable drinking water pH level as per International Drinking Water Standards and BIS 10500 Water Standard in India is between 6.5 and 8.5. All public utility companies must maintain the tap water pH level between 6.5 and 8.5 as per law. Water with a pH of less than 6.5 is acidic and corrosive to metals and could have a sour taste. Water with a pH of more than 8.5 could indicate that the water is hard.

Because the pH scale is logarithmic, a difference of one pH unit represents a tenfold, or ten times change. For example, the acidity of a sample with a pH of 4 is ten times stronger than that of a sample with a pH of 5. A difference of 2 units, say from 5 to 3, would mean that the acidity is one hundred times greater, and so on. The picture here is a graphical representation of the pH values of some common items.

How to test pH of water

There are several methods to measure pH in water but the easiest is to use water pH test strips which are available from almost all online shopping sites like Amazon. Digital pH testing kit for water is also available online on but these would be more expensive.

Best way to buy Water Purifiers in India

The best way to buy Water Purifiers in India is to first look at all models of Water Purifiers available online at the leading online Retailers in India. For example on the online webpage of All Water Purifiers available in India on, you will find the full range of Indian Water Purifiers complete with their best discounted price and full specifications. This is great information, and you can decide on which model of water purifier to buy. With the model of water purifier you want to buy finalised, you can go to local shops to try and find the model of water purifier you have chosen and see if you can get at similar price of that at In most cases the price from Amazon will be cheaper, because they buy in bulk from the manufacturers direct and they sell huge volumes because they are the world's largest and most trusted online retailer. If you buy from Amazon, they will arrange to have the water purifier installed in your house, usually free of charge.

Warranty and other facilities offered through Amazon are usually better than what you can get from local agents of water purifiers.

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