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RO or UV which is better, Meaning of RO UV and UF in water purifier

The meaning of RO UV and UF in water purifier are as follows: RO means Reverse Osmosis, UV means Ultra Violet and UF means Ultra Filtration. We have dedicated pages on each of these type water purifiers.

In the table below we are giving the main differences between RO and UV water filter purifiers. Also in the chart below a comparison between UV and UF water purifiers is given. So you are able to compare RO UV and UF water purifiers side by side and decide on RO or UV or UF is better.

By comparing the different types of water purifiers available in India, it is easy to see why the water purifier working with Reverse Osmosis or RO water purifier is the best choice water purifier. RO water purifiers remove everything from water, not only all bacteria, viruses and germs, but also dissolved chemicals that could be much more dangerous than germs.

Many worry only about germs in water, which can cause loose motion or in worst case, cause dangerous diseases like cholera. But any water bourne disease can easily be cured with antibiotics and other medicines.

Much more dangerous than germs in water, is if the water contains dissolved chemicals, especially Heavy Metal chemicals like Arsenic. Arsenic and other poison chemicals in water cause lifelong damage and early death. You will not even know that water contains any poison chemicals because they have no smell or taste. If you consume water with poison chemicals, you are being slowly poisoned and when symptoms of water heavy metal poisoning appear, it is usually too late for effective treatment. It is better to be safe rather than sorry and use the only water purifier that can remove dissolved chemicals in water - The RO water purifier.

Here below is a table to compare between RO UV and UF water purifiers.

Compare RO vs UV vs UF
RO Water PurifierUV Water PurifierUF Water Purifier
Requires electricity to workRequires electricity to workNo need of electricity
Blocks and removes all germs and viruses from purified water.Kills all germs including viruses, but their bodies remain in the waterBlocks and removes all germs and viruses from purified water.
RO requires electricity to boost tap water pressureUV can work with normal tap water pressureUF will function with normal tap water pressure
Removes dissolved saltsCannot remove dissolved saltsCannot remove dissolved salts
Has prefiltration to work with dirty waterWater must be clear for UV to work.Works with muddy dirty turbid water

Those who claim that RO removes essential minerals from water are ignorant of the fact that drinking water can give, at the most, some insignificant quantity of essential minerals needed by our body. Some people try to say bad things about RO water purifier and we have answered all those questions on our page about the disadvantages of RO water purifiers.

RO water purifier compared to UV water purifier

In RO water purifier the RO membrane physically removes all germs and viruses in the water by filtering out all living organisms. In addition the filtering holes in the RO membrane is so small that it can even remove dissolved salts.

In a UV water purifier the germs and other living organisms are not physically removed but killed by the powerful UV light of the UV water purifier. The UV lamp only kills the germs but the bodies of the dead germs remain in the water. For the UV purifier to work properly, the UV light has to travel through the water to kill the germs. So it is important that the water should very clear so as not to block the UV rays. Also the surface of the UV bulb should not have any dirt or algae deposited on it. The problem is that if the UV light is kept off for sometime, then algae can form on the surface of the UV bulb and lessen its killing power.

RO water purifier compared to UF water purifier

RO and UF are both membranes. The difference between the two is in the size of the filtering holes. In an RO membrane the filtering holes are so small that it can even filter out salt molecules from the water. In the UF membrane the holes are larger and so it cannot filter out salt molecules. But the UF membrane filtering holes are still smaller than the smallest of living organisms, Viruses.

The advantage of the UF water purifier is that it works without electricity and is sure to filter out any disease causing germs, including the smallest of viruses. The UF membrane is also so small that it will filter out all dust and other particles and make the water safe to drink.

The only problem with UF water purifier is that in case any harmful dissolved salts are in the water, it cannot filter it out. Only an RO water purifier can filter out harmful dissolved salts from the water. That is why the RO water purifier is considered the best type of water purifier.

Best way to buy Water Purifiers in India

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